Season 6 Episode 4 – “Archers and Arrows”

Season 6 Episode 4 – “Archers and Arrows”

Archery, a physical and fun activity for everyone, combines muscular development and mental health.

With many benefits for body and mind, we are happy to introduce you to this discipline. An archer for over 40 years, Bob will be happy to introduce you and accompany you in the discovery of one of the oldest Arts in the history of Humanity.

Become aware of your body, your strength, increase your concentration, your balance, your self-confidence, some benefits that you can acquire during your stay.

A meeting with yourself, a unique experience await you in the heart of the Pastory!

Come with your bows and arrows for those who already practice!

For those who wish the Archer who lies dormant in them, Bows and arrows are at your disposal!
“The Archer is a model for the wise. When he has missed the middle of his target, he searches for the cause within himself  ”CONFUCIUS – 551-479 BC